*Please note that some of the films’ Chinese titles are included.
And all films are either in English or English subtitled


Yvong, a divorced Chinese immigrant, believes that
her life is going to be cast as the way it is now, taking
care of her demanding old mother, helping her 30
year old son, her sister and her ex-gang brother.
In the mess of all these, she finds out that she is in love
with a Hispanic dentist named Jose who is rejected by
almost all members of the family. Now, caught in
between her love of her love and her love of those
who she loves, she wishes that she know the answer.
Cast: Sylvia Chang, Esai Morales, Collin Chou

dir. Frank Lin
Mandarin / Spanish /
English 94mins


The American Way is a fight to the finish TV debate
between two brilliant media strategists. The politician
as ultimate actress vs. the sociopathic rock ’n’ roll
guerrilla who smells more that a rat in her perfectly
groomed performance. The story concerns the efforts
of the long suffering S&M crew to strip the would-be
empress of her new cloths before it is too late.
The American way is not another Vietnam movie, but
uses the psychic scar tissue of that war to flush out
other contemporary issues. It holds these hostages
with irreverent humour, and only releases them after an
original and satisfying capitulation.
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Michael J.Pollard

dir. Maurice Phillips
English 92mins


Qi Fa, a typical while collar, lives together with his
girl friend Rachel. His father in Guangzhou, China, adores
Chinese old tradition and Gong Fu. Invited by his father
to go to Guangzhou and visit him with his fiancée, Qi Fa
worries that Rachel’s modern style of life will make her
rejected by his father. Out of nowhere, an idea comes
upon him that he’ll get a contracted lover who acts more
moderately to show his father for approval. Liu Zao, the
candidate, is taken and instructed by her roommate Alex
that she is yet to act much more open than Rachel.
What will happen? And will they succeed?
Cast: Richie Ren, BingBing Fan

dir. Alfred Cheung
Mandarin / Cantonese
with English


On a little mountain path, moves along a trail of travelers, awesomely
combined: Lao Feng, a court judge of over 50, a woman Court-Clerk Yang who is about to be transferred elsewhere and A Luo, a young man fresh from law
school. And at the end of the trail, follows a special member, an old horse.
Now owing to a small “case”, they are even no longer able to continue traveling as they always do. When A Luo runs away with his bride and Court Clerk Yang decides to settle in a village they pass by, Lao Feng is the only one left with his old horse to continue his mission…

dir. Jie Liu
Mandarin with English sub 101 mins


Growing up in small town America, two friends, Dave and
Ethan, dream of going to Los Angeles to make movies.
Ethan moves to LA first. After working hard for a few years,
he saves enough money to make a low budget film. But
when his lead actor quits half way into production, Ethan’s
will to continue is crushed. Dave, new in town and full of
hope, decides to raise money for the film on his own. When
he sacrifices his virginity to get the money, Ethan abruptly
turns it down, as the money comes with a condition - the
investor wants a role in the film. The dream that brought
the two friends together is now tearing them apart. Their
choices will offer a refreshing take on Hollywood and an
honest look at the price of dreams.
Cast: Emmanuel Xuereb, Charis Michelsen, Lee Holmes

dir.. Ann Lu 93mins


Subway Exit No. 6, a place anything can happen.
After of unmerciful summer full of bazaar incidents such as
the capture of theOld Bitch, and a high school girl’s
disappearance, Fan Da Yin is at Exit No. 6, waiting for
something to happen. When all investigations point to a
internet blog called “Fallen Leaves”, the real secrets under
the disguises of “Snow-white Sakura” and “Crimson Maple”
are about to be exposed.
Cast: Eddie Peng, Ethan Ruan, Ha-na Yoo

dir. Yu-Hsien Lin 99mins
Mandarin with English sub


A cynical, divorced intellectual has a bizarre life-changing
(and life-saving) encounter with a stoic evangelist, who t
urns out to have his own problems. From amusingly varied
viewpoints, the two bond and start to take a stand against
the oppressing forces in their lives.
Cast: Kim Jae-rok, Kang Ji-hwan
dir. Dong-il Shin
Korean with English sub


Speaking of “the grand carpets” at sports events where
as in most cases the best gymnastics from China and from
Europe are thoroughly demonstrated, “Jump! Boys”, a
documentary, tells you a touching story of a coach at a
primary school in Taiwan and his seven hopefuls who in the
long run won a gold medal through years of hard training.
With dreams, tears and laughter, you’ll find the story most

dir. Yu-Hsien Lin
Mandarin / Taiwanese
with English sub
84 mins


“Bunny”, a 9 year-old boy has a sleep-walk problem for
which he is sent to his grandpa in the county. A bad guy
lives in the village and his name is Jiang Long. Aunt Lian
Zi treats Bunny well, teaching him to feed chickens, to read
and to make straw saddles. Best of all, she gives him a nice
dog, Shun Shun. One night, Aunt Lian Zi fails to return
because Jiang Long has raped her and his dog killed
Grandpa. Bunny brings wounded Aunt Lian Zi home. The
next morning, his dog Shun Shun grows a pair of horns in
his head and with that, he kills Jiang Long on his masters’
behalf. The next spring, Bunny has to go to school, and he
has to leave Aunt Lian Zi…

dir. Xueyang Hu
Mandarin with English sub


Prince of the Himalayas is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s
Hamlet. Set in ancient Tibet under the shadow of the
Himalayas, the young prince Lhamoklodan learns of his
father’s mysterious death and returns to the Kingdom
Jiaobo. Troubled by his mother’s sudden remarriage to
his uncle Kulo-ngam, he swears to find the truth of his
father’s death. His obsession of revenge overwhelms his
spirit and shadows his love to Odsaluyang. When he
points his sword at the new king, Queen Nanm finally
tells her beloved son, Lhamoklodan, the true identity of
his uncle. In the struggle to face his destiny and fight his
demons, a new king is born.
Cast: Ciringdongrub, Dechendolma, Dobrgyal

dir. Sherwood Hu
Tibetan with English sub
108 mins


A never told story about Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Malaysia and his
relationship with Chen, a 19 year old girl who knows and
understands him the best. In 1910, after his failure of
uprising, The Qing Royal Court puts 700 thousand Liang of
silver on his head. In order to escape and also to collect
donations for his next uprising, he travels to Malaysia with
Chen. A local girl of a rich family falls in love with him too,
but it is at a moment when the Qing’s Royal Court plans
another conspiracy in getting him…

Mandarin with
English Sub
125 mins


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